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SE Roundtable

Google On Text Within Images

A recent post on Reddit asked about the impact of having a website where most of the text was within images. Would Google be able to read the text, what…


How to Sell SEO (With Expert Tips)

Follow this six-step guide to help improve your pitch, close more sales, and get your first clients (with tips from the pros.) To be taken seriously by prospects and get…


SaaS SEO: The Tried & Tested Guide

To put it simply, this marketing tactic works like this:  From a strategic point of view, the main benefit of investing in SEO for SaaS companies is reducing the customer…

Search Engine Journal

SEO And The Taxonomy Of Topics

Creating content is easier and more precise when applying the concept of a taxonomy of topics to create authoritative content The post SEO And The Taxonomy Of Topics appeared first…

SE Roundtable

What’s Google Ads Sensitive Event Policy

Google has posted a clarification of what it calls its sensitive event policy under the Inappropriate content policy within Google Ads. This applies to Google Ads, Google Merchant Center, Google…


Top Google Searches

We’ve pulled four lists from our database of 20.4 billion keywords: We removed all NSFW queries from this list. What you see above are the top 100 “clean” search queries….

SE Roundtable

Google On The Japanese Keyword Hack

Google’s John Mueller posted a comment on Reddit describing what is often referred to as the “Japanese keyword hack,” he said. It is an automated process that looks for vulnerabilities…


13 Podcast Statistics You Need To Know

In recent years, podcasts have taken the digital world by storm. With more than 460 million listeners worldwide, the podcast industry provides lucrative opportunities for both podcasters and marketers alike…


14 Best Pet Affiliate Programs in 2024

With the pet industry projected to grow to $368 billion by 2030, and tons of pet owners looking to find new products for their companions, there’s never been a better…


17 Of The Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

The gaming community is willing to invest large sums of money to fuel their hobby. This enthusiasm has propelled the gaming industry to a staggering worth of $217.06 billion as…


Top 10 Health Affiliate Programs

The health and wellness industry is booming. As of 2022, the global wellness economy was worth $5.6 Trillion. With a wide range of sub-niches ranging from nutrition and physical fitness…


Top 19 Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2024

Affiliate commissions in the fitness industry range from 3% to 20%. These companies sell everything from supplements to advanced exercise equipment. Meanwhile, global revenue in fitness has a projected annual…


16 Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

With fashionistas always on the prowl for the next big thing, these affiliate programs are like the golden ticket for anyone who wants to generate an income leveraging this niche….


The 14 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Finding profitable travel affiliate programs can be brutal. With the global travel industry worth more than $7 trillion, competition in this niche is fierce. The problem? There are so many…


Most Popular YouTube Channels & Searches of 2023

YouTube is undoubtedly the world’s most popular video platform with over 2 billion monthly users. But what are those users searching for when they’re on the platform, and which channels…

SE Roundtable

Copilot App To Get Plugin Support

As you know, Microsoft released the Copilot App for iOS and Android but it does not support plugins like the Bing App. But don’t worry, Copilot will soon support plugins.


SEO Trends in 2024 and How to Adapt

In this article, you’ll find search engine optimization trends of 2024. And let’s be clear about something: This is NOT your average “SEO in 2024” guide. We’ll cover the most…


36 Free SEO Tools for DIY SEOs

Add these 36 free SEO tools to your SEO toolkit. Monitor your website’s SEO health, see who’s linking to you, and learn what your website is ranking for on Google….


Free Website Audit Checklist

Check out our website audit checklist to discover the critical issues you need to fix. We’ve cut out the fluff and pinpointed important issues that are not only worth fixing…


Ranking Factors [Semrush Study]

We analyzed a sample of 16,298 English keywords, all of which have more than 100 monthly searches. For each keyword, we collected the search engine results pages (SERPs) and analyzed…

SE Roundtable

January 2024 Google Webmaster Report

It’s time for the big Google Webmaster Report, the January 2024 edition. This month we saw the November 2023 Google reviews update completed after 29 days. But that wasn’t the…

SE Roundtable

Chat In Bing & Copilot Apps Are The Same

Last week, Microsoft quietly released the Copilot App for Android and iOS. Don’t tell anyone but the Bing App and Copilot App use the same chat feature, the only difference…


10 International SEO Best Practices + Checklist

Follow the international SEO best practices below to better target foreign markets. International SEO best practices It’s likely you already have an idea of which global markets you’d like to…

SE Roundtable

Google Search Shop By Price & Shop By Brand

Google Search can show a “shop by price” and shop by brand” carousel and accordion box in the search results for shopping-related queries. The search bar filter for shopping has…